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Social Canines was created in 2017 by a married couple Parker and Lauren, on their shared love they have for dogs. Wanting to provide an exceptional service to help dog owners and dogs live happier lives. We know that your dog is not just a dog, but a loved member of the family. We understand that dogs need a lot of exercise and socialization to be at their healthiest and happiest. Our pack walk program is designed to improve your dogs obedience, social skills, and health. Sometimes dog parents just don't have the time; we get it! While you are at work, running errands or just busy with life; you don't have to feel guilty leaving your dog alone for hours. Instead they can get picked up from your home and have a fun day with their friends!  Being part of the pack and exploring the outdoors not only is physical exercise for your dog but mentally too. We believe in getting your dog back to their roots. With our experience, dogs in a pack environment socialize and learn in a natural way. Our method is a simple ”follow the leader" with us being the leader. With our guidance, dogs naturally strive to be part of the pack, learning from one another. Our goal is to help your dog get socialized with other people, their environment and other dogs. So they can be a confident and happy dog. We use our command words during our walks such as Sit, Stay, Heal, and Leave It to teach them basic walking obedience. Our services are tailored to meet your individual needs; whether that is one walk, or daily/weekly walks; were more than happy to help! Looking forward to meeting you and your pup!


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